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        Cloud Lamp Nightlight – beautiful lampshade and interior design decor.

        A cloud light lamp – interior decor and night light that will protect your baby’s sleep and delight you with warm light and individual design on daily basis.

        We have hand-made wooden cloud sings operated by led lights. Used as a home decor and a nightlight. Our products are a unique and safe addition to any children bedroom or great as a gift for toddler 1st birthday. This cloud nightlight will be perfect as a kid’s room decoration on the table or on the wall.

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        Design light letters will be a special accent to the home interior. Great design item. Get inspired, decorate your home, delight your loved ones with great gifts. Light letters and wall decor – original design objects.

        Letters are skillfully hand crafted, using Latvian birch. This, combined with battery powered LED technology, produces a functional and portable lighting product.

      • 69.0089.00

        Balloon Lamp Nightlight – beautiful lampshade and interior design decor.

        This is a balloon lamp for a beautiful bedroom to light it up. Make your home more stylish and modern with our wooden light balloon.
        We have created the balloon light – wall mounted lighting system which draws on the childhood memory of getting a balloon at a fair or amusement park. This simple moment brought temporary happiness to us in our young age, so why not enjoy happiness and fun again through the balloon shaped light in a room. There is so much fun changing colors and play with it.

      • 55.0075.00

        Rainbow Lamp Nightlight – beautiful lampshade and interior design decor. This is a Rainbow Lamp for any interior to add bright, happy, and positive feelings.

        Have you ever dreamed of how rainbow is forming? It is so interesting to imagine how rays of sun are creating colorful rainbow while passing through the clouds and raindrops. Even growing up we enjoy seeing rainbow every time. This creature of is so inspiring! And now you can bring this miracle to your family’s nursery and have fun with your little ones, dream and create your own stories about the rainbow.